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  • Hotel: 333 guest rooms, 20,000 SF of Meeting Space, as well as a fitness room, pool and club room.
  • Apartments: 218 residential units with 19,000 SF of main floor retail.
  • Office: 25,000 SF with 20,000 SF of main floor retail.
  • Another unique retail building with 21,000 SF.
  • The Capitol District will be a unique area that is designed by Lamp Rynearson. This outdoor area has been expertly designed to be an intimate space for direct access of the mixed uses surrounding, however it will be flexible and provide the proper infrastructure for large events, as well as programming to serve large-scale events. The Capitol District Marriott Hotel ballroom has been positioned to allow for access to The Plaza to provide further connection and synergy.

Economic Impact

  • Over 1,700 jobs that are related to construction and future operations of the Hotel with the average employee earnings projection around $32,000/year.
  • Hotel Guests Inflation-adjusted projected first-year spending of $15,540,095 outside the hotel in the local economy.

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